It’s easier the second time around

Just a mental note.

I dreaded potty training a second time around. Not that the first time around was particularly difficult. What I hated was the constant bathroom visits…as soon as we left the house…stepped into a store…or generally anywhere that was terribly inconvenient.

That’s probably not going to change, but I’m happy to announce, Olivia potty trained herself. I didn’t have to actively do anything to get her to sit on a toilet.

She woke up on Monday asked me to take her to the bathroom exactly when she needed to go, and that was that. Her diaper stayed dry the whole day. I thought it was a fluke, but her diaper stayed dry on Tuesday too. It’s wednesday, and I’m not trippin’.

Livvy is potty-trained.


Ellie took this picture with my phone.

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La Rentrée

The French have a peculiar way of describing this time of year when school starts and we all reluctantly wrap up summer and get back to routines; it’s called “la rentrée.” A reentry into the world of responsibilities and structured schedules of school and work.

first day of school

Ellie started school and she goes three days a week now. I’m still getting used to that. Sometimes I forget Friday is a school day. She also started piano lessons and soccer this autumn. I’m hopeful and happy for her. She also got invited to join a cherub choir at a local church. It’s right in the middle of dinner on Thursdays, so we’ll see how long that activity lasts…


On the flip side, She can read a few simple books, and we are working on phonics together. She’s such a rock star!


Some exciting news: Guiding the Journey, received it’s nonprofit status from the IRS! After one whole year of waiting for our official charitable status, we got it and can’t wait to get to work! Some more great news: The West African Community Collaborative, an organization whose board I serve on won our first grant from the county–I’m overwhelmed with excitement at the program we are working to develop and execute thanks to this grant. What’s more exciting is I wrote it! Yep, I can officially add grant writer to my repertoire.


La rentree… as reluctant as I may be to wrap up summer, I’m excited about all the projects this autumn brings.

Can you smell the pumpkin spice in the air?

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Book review: Voice of America by E.C. Osondu

African Literature voices of america osondu3Just finished this gem.

I’ve had my head in some interesting books this summer. The blog has suffered for this, but, I’m enjoying the break.

Voice of America is a book of short stories by a very talented writer; E.C. Osondu. I like how some stories related to others in the book. It rivals Chimamanda’s Thing around your neck, equally if not a bit better. I like the way he ended each story, unlike Thing around your neck, they ended with better closure, in my opinion.

His writing style read very Nigerian. The colloquialisms, the idioms, the sentence structure…the pidgin English. But all that made it authentic and made me feel I was in the middle of Lagos. I got it, others won’t. Some stories read like a Nollywood movie, but eh, a valid perspective nonetheless.

Where Chimamanda captured the afropolitan experience, Osondu, with his short stories, gave voice to the recent African transplant.

I caught myself laughing out loud sometimes. Loud oblivious chuckles are always a good sign, in my book.

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