Flashback Friday: Happy Birthday Ollie!

Dear Ollie,

You turn two today!

I remember the first time we met…


My first impression was “she’s so small,” smaller than I remember your sister being. You were a perfect, fragile, wrapped up little bundle. I couldn’t tell your personality initially, you seemed kind of quiet, reserved, and slow to warm up but when you were hungry, girl, did you pipe up! Little did I know you would carry these traits with you until now; you tread light with a big stick. I sensed that you were coy and intelligent by how you looked into my eyes and softly licked your lips with a knowing; we had quiet conversations, me and you. We got to know each other slowly.

Your sister loved on you from the moment she met you.

Sister meets baby

The love was too strong, as you can see from Ev’s expression. Hahaa!

In fact, your daddy and I had to hold her back sometimes. You know how she goes; bubbling over with love and affection 24/7. But I knew that wasn’t your style, so we made adjustments. We’ve adjusted so well since your arrival. We fit together perfectly, the four of us, and you’ve taught us so much.


You reserve your passion and silliness for those closest to you, and I’m your biggest fan; thank you for letting us in your exclusive club. Your unshakeable loyalty to your sister comes through when you play together everyday; you’re a BOSS and an indispensable side-kick, rolled into one. Your sense of fairness inspires me when you demand treats for Ellie, too—even when she’s not around! You’re a quick study, smart as a pistol. It’s impossible how you (daytime and nighttime) potty-trained yourself two weeks ago. You’re the only 23-month-old I know, who wakes up in the middle of the night and asks to be taken to the toilet. sheesh! You’re also the only child I know at your age who can recite her alphabets and count from 1-10.

We love you with all our hearts Ollie, you were born great!



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Establishing Roots

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This week’s busy-ness gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling about our community. Between schlepping Ellie off to piano lessons, preschool, soccer lessons, and now, choir practice, I couldn’t help but feel our roots begin to spread in our sleepy little town.

People told me I would feel this way once the kids start school, start making friends, and we begin interacting with other families. They were right.


Faces at Target are familiar ones now; I see moms and dads from the neighborhood. I recognize familiar cars too; vanity plates, stick figure families, and tired ol’ bumper stickers.

My cousin and his family live walking distance from here. Ellie and Ollie are so close to his two girls who are five and three years old.


After soccer practice we have a brief stint at the nearby playground with preschool and soccer friends.  Then we go visit the cousins. They get out of school around this time so we (My cousin, who’s also a Ghanaian stay at home mom, me and my girls) walk a quarter block to the neighborhood elementary school to pick them up, the girls giggle all the way back, we play and chat for a bit, then rush back home for a quick dinner, before choir practice.

preschool soccer

Soccer buddies

I never thought I was the suburban soccer-mom type but truth is, I like being this busy. There’s something purposeful about nurturing and watching my family grow. The quiet phase of motherhood is evolving into a new, busier, reality, and we’re making good friends along the way.

At choir practice, the church’s gymnasium is a makeshift waiting room for parents and younger siblings. I chatted with Ellie’s best friend’s mom while Olivia played with the other children. We wait patiently for Ellie and her friend to finish practice in the other room. Their Christmas choir performance will be adorable, I’m sure.

And just like that, there, in that bright, flourescent-lit gym, littered with hoola-hoops and dodge balls, this corner of the world begins to feel like home.

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Autumn Traditions

Autumn starts tomorrow…

The crisp air blowing inside through this window feels good…

September’s light is perfect for photoshoots, so this morning, my subjects and I went outside. Here’s a sneak peek:

Fall traditions, first day of autumn

falling leaves

We don’t really have any fall traditions besides decorating for fall; setting out pumpkins and garden mums. We go to the pumpkin patch of course. And every year I tell myself we’ll go apple picking, but we never do. We do, however, manage to go on some sort of family vacation during the fall. It typically works out that way, since we don’t go anywhere in the summer. As of now, there isn’t anything planned for the family, but I am going to Vegas.

Yep, instead of New York City, for our annual girls’/mommy trip tradition, I’m meeting up with my girl, Janet, in Vegas!

VEGAS Baby!I can’t say that I’m super-duper excited about the destination; casinos, gambling, unintelligent debauchery confined to a strip of sensory-overloaded space won’t float my bubble.

But, I’m amped up about lounging in the airport with good music and a good book–all by myself–uninterrupted. I love my life, I really do, but I need a trip like this every year (sometimes twice), to keep me balanced. I’ll come back refreshed and ready to tackle the season: Ollie’s 2nd birthday, our 7th anniversary, Ev’s birthday, Halloween, my 30th birthday (party!), and Thanksgiving.

I need all the freshening up I can get. Maybe this time I won’t cut my trip a day short (like I usually do), because I miss my kids, and I’ll channel all that “missing” into a trip to the apple orchard, finally.

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