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Yedei BookshelfI came across Rachel @ Small Notebook. I was so happy to see someone writing abot the joys and trials of making an apartment a home. I also admire her tenacity for living simply and has inspired me to do the same.

My husband and I rent a 750 sq/ft. condo. The condo has charm; an open layout with lots of character, vaulted ceilings in the living room and larger-than-life windows. Our landlady is pretty nice too.

When we moved in, I longed for a home to call my own. We had just gotten married and I was anxious to start nesting. I wanted to paint, buy cute furniture with matching accessories and customize to my heart’s content. Six months passed and no matter how many things I went out and bought for our “home” it didn’t really become home until I decided to live simply.

Two years have passed and a lot has changed. The wake of the housing disaster put things into perspective for us and has brought a splash of color to, what I thought was, the harsh uncoziness of our stark white walls.

Is bigger really better? Does acreage trump location? Is the suburban life better than being in close proximity to amenities we love to use? Museums, the pool, the city, major highways, friends, the subway, etc.

Needless to say, I really love living here in my neighborhood. And I really enjoy the coziness of my tiny cozy cottage of a home. It fosters closeness with those who matter most. What’s really more important than enjoying the closeness with my cuddly hubby? Although sometimes I do wish I had a basement or secret hideaway I could escape to when I need some room to breathe. But when that happens, I usually hot step it on over to my local library two blocks away. That usually brings me out of my funk (Hey! There’s another perk to living here that I just noticed!).

Anyway, speaking of changing my mindset, living simply and making my space a home ( regardless of whether it’s rented or not), check out how I repurposed our lackluster dining room into a creative little workspace nook. I love the outcome! I hope you do too. Tell me what you think.

Dining Area Makeover

I was inspired by this on Kelly+Olive’s blog:


I went to IKEA, spent $80 bucks on the artist work table, bought some cork board for $5 bucks each and everything else pretty much came from my own home. As nesting place would have it, I shopped my house!

Work Area Makeover

Here’s the finished product:

Yedei Creative Space

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