Homemaking with white linens

homemaking with white linens © 2012 becomingyedei.com

Can you smell that? Fresh white linens and lavender. I love the look of white on white on white…linens, on beds, in bathrooms…it looks clean, simple and fresh. I used to fall into the trap of seasonal linens; they look so pretty on store displays. But I’ve learned to look right past them to the pure white linens in the clearance aisle. They’re simple to clean, easy to look at…no excessive sorting at laundry time, no color clashes in the bedrooms. Homemaking with white linens is a simple for me because I can easily update my bed or the girls’ room with a seasonal throw blanket or other home accessories.

I recently replaced my towels after 4 1/2 years. They were soft and awesome when I got them as a wedding present, and surprisingly they held up until the day I threw them out. I didn’t care for the color though, and I figured after 4 years it was time to replace them. They were the luxury Fieldcrest brand from Target, so I decided to stick with it, they are worth the $12.99 each. Last year I tested out some  ”ecodry” bath towels. What a waste of money, they’re all ratty now.

Tips for keeping linens white

  • Add a glass of water with 30% hydrogen peroxide to rinsing water for whiter than white clothes/linens.
  • You can get rid of a blook stain by wetting it with 10% hydrogen peroxide or pure lemon juice. Then wash as usual
  • If red wine is spilled on a table cloth, sprinkle it with fine salt immediately. If stain isn’t totally absorbed dampen it with white wine, white alcohol (vodka) or simply with methylated spirits and wash straight away.
  • You can replace harsh perfumed softeners with a few drops of your favorite essential oil such as lavender, vervain, or rosemary mixed in vineger; add to your rinse.

© www.becomingyedei.com dried lavender

Speaking of lavender I purchased some fresh dried lavender bunches from the DC flea market at Eastern Market some weekends ago. They are imported from Provence, France and are supposed to last for years. They smell divine in my linen closet.

Happy Homemaking!

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