Pintrest might make us vegan again

vegan lunches

I’m up between 2 and 7am every night. Sometimes for 2 hours, sometimes for the whole stretch so what do I do? Pin on Pintrest!

Pintrest is this awesome website where you can pin all the things you like or want to try from various online sources onto your very own personal pin boards. I have boards from fashion to books I want to read and food I want to eat…Vegan food I want to try. And let me tell you, there isn’t a shortage of YUMMY looking vegan recipes on Pintrest. All my favorite recipe pins in one place…food porn at it’s very finest.

Move of Colleen Patrick Goudreau cookbooks! Pintrest is here to stay. I’ve made several recipes so far:

Smashed Avocado and Chickpea Sandwich (pictured above)

Potato Kale cakes with chipotle sauce (YUMMY!)

Potato and Kale cakes

I’ve been so inspired by all the yummy ideas out there (all in one place, thanks to pintrest), that it’s been hard for me not to keep eating healthy. So in between experiments, I’ve made some staple vegan recipes from before, but with slight improvements and variations from pintrest. Like these awesome, potato and kale veggie wraps with fresh guacamole:

Potato kale veggie wraps -

veggie wraps

Ellie tore these up! She loved it.

I even baked English muffin bread! With some help of course:

english muffin

baking with mom

All these recipes are tried and tested, and absolutely DELICIOUS! Click here to follow my vegan goodness on Pintrest.

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