Flashback Friday: Backyard Fall Photoshoot

Backyard photoshootI took some Fall photos in the backyard one crisp September morning and I promised to share.

backyard family photos

FallShoot09 Ellie2

FallShoot10 kidsphotoshoot Ollie1 Ellie1

Ellie’s “Alex the Lion Dance” (from the Madagascar 2 movie)FallShoot01Enjoy…your weekend!



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Autumn Traditions

Autumn starts tomorrow…

The crisp air blowing inside through this window feels good…

September’s light is perfect for photoshoots, so this morning, my subjects and I went outside. Here’s a sneak peek:

Fall traditions, first day of autumn

falling leaves

We don’t really have any fall traditions besides decorating for fall; setting out pumpkins and garden mums. We go to the pumpkin patch of course. And every year I tell myself we’ll go apple picking, but we never do. We do, however, manage to go on some sort of family vacation during the fall. It typically works out that way, since we don’t go anywhere in the summer. As of now, there isn’t anything planned for the family, but I am going to Vegas.

Yep, instead of New York City, for our annual girls’/mommy trip tradition, I’m meeting up with my girl, Janet, in Vegas!

VEGAS Baby!I can’t say that I’m super-duper excited about the destination; casinos, gambling, unintelligent debauchery confined to a strip of sensory-overloaded space won’t float my bubble.

But, I’m amped up about lounging in the airport with good music and a good book–all by myself–uninterrupted. I love my life, I really do, but I need a trip like this every year (sometimes twice), to keep me balanced. I’ll come back refreshed and ready to tackle the season: Ollie’s 2nd birthday, our 7th anniversary, Ev’s birthday, Halloween, my 30th birthday (party!), and Thanksgiving.

I need all the freshening up I can get. Maybe this time I won’t cut my trip a day short (like I usually do), because I miss my kids, and I’ll channel all that “missing” into a trip to the apple orchard, finally.

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It’s easier the second time around

Just a mental note.

I dreaded potty training a second time around. Not that the first time around was particularly difficult. What I hated was the constant bathroom visits…as soon as we left the house…stepped into a store…or generally anywhere that was terribly inconvenient.

That’s probably not going to change, but I’m happy to announce, Olivia potty trained herself. I didn’t have to actively do anything to get her to sit on a toilet.

She woke up on Monday asked me to take her to the bathroom exactly when she needed to go, and that was that. Her diaper stayed dry the whole day. I thought it was a fluke, but her diaper stayed dry on Tuesday too. It’s wednesday, and I’m not trippin’.

Livvy is potty-trained.


Ellie took this picture with my phone.

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