Father’s Day 2013 in Pictures

Father’s day this year was peaceful, calm, and blissful. This year, Ellie, Ollie and I made their dad a quick framed card for his new basement office. Ellie loves the lion King so finding this perfect lion card did just the trick. I used one of my old DIY Ikea frames to hold the cut-out lion and they signed the framed back. Last week, Ellie said, “Mommy, I have an awesome dad.” This came out of nowhere, so I captured that on his father’s day gift. He is really a very awesome dad. I’m jealous.




They “surprised” him and of course he was very “surprised” so they relished in some surprise kisses:

Proud “Mufasa”
dadday3Then he got to test out his new lawn mower. Apparently gas mowers make all the difference so skip the electric ones.dadday2

Then we had a yummy dinner to celebrate dad:


Happy Monday!

On father’s day

Every girl needs a good father, and I’m so grateful my girl(s) have Evans.

Ellie and I were framing a picture of Ev on his 30th birthday, yes that’s him smoking a cigar…and yes, he looks like the sexiest man in the world doing it. 

On a reflective note, Ev does an A plus job of picking up the pieces I don’t see and filling in the blanks I leave. We are good for each other as parents, kindred spirits, and a couple. Truth is, he couldn’t be his best without me nor I without him. It’s so easy to forget that, huh?

Happy father’s day!

In case you were wondering how this framing job turned out…I rescued this frame from an estate sale

Thank god for pregnancy nesting hormones; I’m finally getting around to completing projects on my list like framing pictures from years ago and updating the girls’ room, yay!