Vegan Scones and houseguests

I’m never eating another Panera Bread scone again!

Have u ever had a real scone? I mean one not glazed over with sugar glaze? Straight out of the oven homemade scones taste AMAZING! Even better when they’re vegan.

Vegan cinammon raisin scones

My 4 year old helped me make these cinnamon raisin scones for her (first ever!) guest who came over for a playdate, so presentation and perfect triangles were thrown to the dogs. My house smelled good though.

Ellie and her BFF from preschool, also named Elyse. Ellie’s first non-cousin playdate at our home. They had a blast!

My god! These were yummy! They are from my cherished Joy of Vegan Baking cook book.

yummy scones Ellie purred with delight and savoured each bite of her “scome.” Each bite elicited an adoring “mmm…” “Hunmm” it was funny to watch. Until she caught me capturing the moment. Then I got this:

image 2
I’m keeping up with a challenge I gave myself to stay within budget for food and household items by cooking at home everyday. To say the least this challenge has motivated me to be creative, mindful, and less wasteful.

The best part is we haven’t been to a restaurant in two weeks. I’ve been intentional about each thing I buy, by sticking to the weekly menu I plan out in advance of grocery shopping for the week.

I make sure we eat or repurpose all leftovers as well.

I think I’ve saved about $200 in waste and unnecessary purchases in the last two weeks! Enough to afford myself a facial and a massage from my new favorite local day spa. #noJudgement lol!

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Let’s Cook!

Me: “Ellie what are you making?”

Ellie: “I’m making ‘wunch for dinner!”

Me: “Alright then. What’s for lunch?”

Ellie: “Jollof Rice!”

– A candid conversation in the kitchen, August 1, 2012

cooking with

Ellie loooves to help. Especially in the kitchen. I used to have to drag our heavy coffee table over from the living room just to create some space for her to help me out in the kitchen, but since I got us some new dining chairs I drag one over and let her stand on it where she can reach counter height to help me wash things.

She’ll wash everything from potatoes to mushrooms; with a brush if you let her. By washing I mean the bit of water I put in a bowl for her ends up EVERYWHERE; on the floor, on the walls, on her clothes…and the veggies will go from the bowl to the counter, to the sink, and back to the bowl again about 12 times.

She gives the best sous-chefs a run for their money. Come on, anybody you know shredding brush-scrubbed mushrooms by hand? Didn’t think so.

toddler cooking -

Oh and she’s an excellent sauce taster. She does all the official sampling around here. On this particular evening we made some curry and rice. From the looks of it, it passed her delicate taste pallet.

cooking with

Truth is, it’s easier to let her help me cook than use tactics to keep her from being underfoot. Plus we have fun doing it together, despite the inevitable mess.

So far, she knows how to spread the peanut butter on her peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, wash veggies and fruits, peel her own bananas, mix pancake batter, bake cake, ask lots of questions and “run fast” when I switch on the blender.

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I prefer Breakfast Dates

breakfast date at panera bread

One recent morning ellie and I were on our way to my doctors appointment. We had just gotten off the elevator as a mother shuffled on with her slow moving toddler and infant in big stuffy stroller. She took one look at me and my swollen midrif and said, “Oh how cute! Enjoy it now, two kids are a whole ‘nother ball game.”
I have an inkling that soon my life will change so drastically that grabbing a somewhat peaceful breakfast in a cafe with one child will be a welcome break.


10 more weeks to go…

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